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How do you determine a specific "Real Time" Map to run when file name is always same but contents of source file are different?

John asked 5 years ago
This Customer has several files that download from a cloud based system to a monitored folder.  The file is in the same format and name but the actual contents are different.  What is the best method to have smartconnect determine what map to execute based on the content of the file?
Mark Anderson Staff answered 5 years ago
This is a very complex process you are asking for. A couple of quick thoughts, You can add restrictions to maps to only run based on the source data, and chain the maps together so all maps run for every single source file.
The best option is to save the source file to different folders if at all possible.
John replied 5 years ago

Thanks Mark we have been able to narrow this down to one map however what would the script look like to use a numeric field to determine what company to run the map against?



Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 5 years ago

We have a help article the goes over the syntax and reasoning behind restrictions. Below is a link.
Your script would start with If _source = 1 then
You can follow that up with and Elseif as many times as you want.

John replied 5 years ago


Thanks that gets me started but how do I direct the map to run to another company after the condition is met?

Lorren Zemke replied 5 years ago

In your script, just return the name of the Dynamics GP database. For example, if i want the data to go to the Fabrikam, Inc. company i would return TWO since that is where that data is stored.

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