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How do I inserting billing email address and ship to email address at the same time.

Greg Teresi asked 6 years ago
I\’m trying to insert a new customer with the billing address code email and ship to address code email. We use a Primary address code for emailing billing. Then we use the ship to address code to email proofs and sometimes they are different people. So I have both information but can\’t figure out how to insert both with Create Internet Address. I did add Create Internet Address to Customers node. I only can insert one but want to insert both. 
Greg Teresi replied 6 years ago

I’ve been trying different things. It comes down to inserting two lines in sys01200 one address code with a email and another address code with a email with the source being one record.

Greg Teresi replied 6 years ago

I got it. I just made another map and added a task at the end of the first map.

Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
Glad you resolved it. Adding Create Internet Address Node should have worked if you have it in there twice and then set the right values based on the values you are trying to integrate.

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