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How do I display a "checkbox" value properly in SmartList with SLB ?

Beat asked 5 years ago
I’ve created a new SmartList that grabs data from the Sales module (AR) to show all open documents, that are pending to receive amounts. The Sales Order Entry form is linked with an Extender form that is tied to the Line Item and allows a sales rep to enter an Opportunity # from our CRM, payment terms, amounts, a date when expected payment, and a checkbox when the payment is made..
However, when pulling the data into SmartList, the columns with the CheckBox field is showing a currency field with 0.00$, which is annoying, and actually doesn’t reflect the statu of the checkbox.. I’ve tried to modify the field type in SLB, but somehow that Extender field is identified as a Currency field and cannot be changed 🙁
Any suggestions on how to tackle this ?
Beat answered 5 years ago
Beat replied 5 years ago

I wanted to add a screen capture to the OP, but somehow, this doesn’t work on this type of forum engine :-(.. how can I do that ?

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