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How are Salesforce custom objects created?

kreed asked 10 years ago
I am setting up the salesforce connector and I'm looking at using a realtime datasource to import opportunity records in to GP.

The docs mention apex classes and triggers that sound like they should be created automatically, but I can't figure out which part of the setup process would do this. I've walked through the setup documentation, and I've created my map, but the salesforce opportunity triggers haven't been created. Do I need to do this manually or does SmartConnect do this for me?
kreed replied 10 years ago

Turns out, on the realtime datasources page in SmartConnect, after you add a realtime datasource for your entity (account, opportunity, etc), you have to click 'Linked Maps', to register the events that you want to listed for (create/update/delete).

Martin replied 10 years ago


Did you have further questions on this – it looks likes you were able to answer your own question here?

kreed replied 10 years ago

Hi Martin, I'm all set on this one, but my map still doesn't run. I have another thread that describes my current problem. If you have a minute, I would appreciate your help.


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