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Brian asked 9 years ago
Is there any documentation on using helpers?
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sueconrod answered 9 years ago
Brian:  you can look right at the online manuals and at the end is a whole section on tasks and variables.

Also, if you go to the Knowledge Base and put in "Scripts" it will bring up all sorts of scripts both in sql and scripts that can be used in tasks.

Brian replied 9 years ago

I browswed through the documentation and reviewed some of the sample scripts however, I was unable to find specific descriptions regarding the use syntax for the helpers.  Basically what I am trying to do is convert the contents of a global variable from text to decimal or numeric.  My destination column is decimal type.  I've created a calculation to perform the conversion and have attempted to use numerous formulas. I keep getting the same error 'input string was not in a correct format'.  I thought a simple formula like Return fn.VALUE(GBL_VAR) would work but it does not.  I know this should not be this difficult but I can't seem to get the correct calculation.

Chris answered 9 years ago
A lot of the helpers we have in the scripting windows are really just taken from the Microsoft MSDN sites for a quicker reference.

We can't put as much information into our scripting window though so if you need additional references its easier just to go out to msdn and search for the function there or through your favorite search engine.

We don't have a huge amount of documentation on .Net specific scripting since we could end up with a huge manual just for that and it probably wouldn't be as good as other references already out there. Rather we document the specific differences in our scripting windows to point out what isn't standard to .Net

For your conversion, something like this may work:

Return Convert.ToDouble(GBL_VAR)


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