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Help in setting the Make/Buy field in Item Engineering Data during an item integratoin

Jeff asked 6 years ago
I have a functional item integration import running which created item master data along with vendor item data and item sites.   I am now looking for how to set the “BOM should treat as” field to “Make or Buy”.   All of my items I have imported so far appear to have a default of Buy and therefore I can’t create BOMs or Manufacturing orders without manually changing this setting.   With 18,000 items to import and several thousand of them potentially needing manufacturing orders, I certainly need to find a way to automate this process.   (FYI – we are not yet live in GP and I am working on reference file data migration currently).
Lorren Zemke answered 6 years ago
Jeff, since there is not going to be an eConnect node that does this, the best option would be to create a SQL Command or Script Task on Document Success that updates the proper SQL fields/table with that data.
The other option is to use Node Builder,, to create a node that can be added to your item create integration. Within Node Builder you would write the business logic for updating that field and others for the correct table(s).

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