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Having an extender window added to a Purchase Requisition link to the related Purchase order, when created.

Robert asked 7 years ago
I have created an extender window that starts with a PO and links to a receiver to show the information linked to the PO line item, however a client wants to start using Purchase Requisition and I need to have the extender data linked to the line sequence on a Purchase Requisition to flow to the PO and then to the Receiving document.  I notice in GP that the only link between the purchase requisition and the PO utilizes the SOP/Pop Link table.  Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?
They also have Smartconnect.  Possibly thinking of a real time integration to populate a separate extender window already created on the PO…  Thoughts…
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Interesting – don’t see how you are going to do it on the front end tho.
Getting the Extender info on the PO to the Receiving document is easy – just use the PO Number/Ord as the keys.  There is a field in Receivings something like PO Ord or PO Sequence or something that is the Ord of the original PO.
But the problem is that the process that generates the PO & PO Lines is outside of the Req window itself.  So from an Extender point of view there is no link at that point.
The only way that I can sort of see this working is maybe a realtime trigger as you theorize.
You would have that trigger on the SOP60100 table on the insert and likely would have to copy any Extender info from your “Purchase Req window” that you create into a “purchase order” window that you were previously using.
So you’d have a double set of extender data because it’ll exist on the Req window and the PO window – but that should work.

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