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Has anyone created maps for the Braintree payment processing system? We have a client who may need us to do that and I have no experience with Braintree. Thanks in advance!

Ron asked 4 years ago
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
I have not tried to connect to Braintree using SmartConnect before, but I did look over their API documentation. It looks like SmartConnect should be able to connect, but you will need to generate a new Authentication token for each web call which can be a little tricky. I recommend using Postman to make sure you are able to authenticate and pull data from Braintree. Then it would probably be best to reach out to our support team to discuss options for Authentication.
Beat Bucher replied 4 years ago

Hi Ethan,
The question is not so much about the API key, but more about how do you use the JSON code in a map ? I’ve the same problem with Expensify and their API to retrieve a report from the web site in either CSV or XLSX format to be processed by a map.. How do I call that JSON script in SC ? what’s the best approach to process the source file once downloaded ? knowing the limitation of direct CSV files (no queries), would it be better to use an ODBC connection to the source file ? what about using a source folder ?
Thanks for shedding some light on this.

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