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Grouping Maps together

Andrew Esther asked 4 years ago
The Maps screen has a feature in the grid to allow grouping maps together by a column. However there are not any fields on the map worth grouping by in general. Basically I am suggesting a free-text category/group field added to each map that would help group maps together in the maps grid. What I would really like is more of a folder structure to organize maps, but single category field would work.
Background, I have several maps which run on schedules, and several which are only to fix issues. All the different places show the Map Code and not always the map description. So its hard at time to keep them organized.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 3 years ago
Later this year we will be releasing a new version of SmartConnect which should meet your requirements because every map will have two free text fields that can be modified at anytime and you will still have the integration group option.

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