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Great Plains – We need to change the Address ID of several Vendors. Is this possible with SmartConnect?

Angela asked 2 years ago
We have a need to change the Address ID of several vendors in 21 different Great Plains Companies, each a separate DB. Has anyone conquered this task with SmartConnect? Any options other than SmartConnect if it is not an option. 
Thank you in advance.
Best Answer
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Yes SmartConnect/eConnect should allow you to update the Vendor & Vendor Address Cards just fine (or create new ones if you need to).
If you add the the GP INTERID to the source data column, you could use that as the “Define” button code on the map to set the correct destination company so that you could use just the one file as the source so SC will integrate the data to the right company destination.
Akber answered 2 years ago
I have verified and found that address is not getting update, is this something to do with SmartConnect version?

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