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Great Plains real-time triggers

Chris asked 6 months ago

When creating a GP real-time data source for say the Customer Master Summary table, is the trigger at the entire record level? If so, is there another way to limit a GP real-time trigger to only 1-2 columns/fields? We only want to have a trigger fire if the customer balance is updated not every field in the record.

I believe that the MSSQL real-time data source can be defined down to the individual column level but we wanted to try to use the GP connector when possible so as to not bypass any GP specific logic in eConnect.

BTW, we are using SmartConnect 21 and GP 2013.

Mickie Stamm answered 6 months ago

Hi Chris – did you get your answer to this yet? From what I can see, you cannot limit a GP real-time trigger to only a subset of the columns due to the way that the GP Add-In triggers on the table. You can limit your data source query to a subset of the columns, but I know that’s not what you are looking for.

As you mentioned, you can for sure restrict this to only certain columns with the MSSQL real-time data source and we’ve used this a lot and it works great. The other benefit of this in terms of what we needed, is that it will trigger regardless of where the database table update originated; whether it was inside of GP or via some other integration, etc.

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