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GP/CRM two way integration

Manny asked 6 years ago
Is there an easy to follow instruction/article or tips for a two way integration between GP Accounts and CRM accounts? I’m able to do a 1-way bulk import from GP to CRM, but now I need to look into doing 2-way sync.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 6 years ago
We don’t have an article for a two way integration between CRM and GP. Typically it is a best practice to pick one system to be the “Master” and have the subordinate system be updated by the master, and not the other way around. It increases the chance for user error, and can potentially create an endless loop of updating each other. 

The easiest option is to use real-time triggers in CRM and GP to update the other system. You will need a GP to CRM map, and GP to CRM map. Both map will need to be set to update existing. In order to use real time data sources you will need to setup the SmartConnect WCF service, and set it up on both the CRM and GP connector. You will also need to install the GP add-in onto GP. Our manual has details on setting up real time data sources.
Manny replied 6 years ago

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your response. I agree it’s best if we could have one side as a “master” and the other as “read only”, but our users really want to update certain fields on both sides.

Good point on the “endless loop” scenario… I hadn’t thought of that. How exactly is this prevented?

Another question, can we use the a Change Only data source type instead? In which scenarios would one use the real time vs the change only type?

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