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GP2013: Adding Extender fields to pick list report

jbgrobler asked 9 years ago


We have created an Extender window called "ORDER_HEADER" and assigned it to the SOP Entry window. It is set up to use only the SOP Number as a key. The window works as expected and data can be viewed and/or edited from the Additional menu entry in the SOP Entry window.

I have been trying for hours to get the fields to print on the picking ticket report. Just trying the first 2 fields as calculated string fields:

FUNCTION_SCRIPT(rw_TableHeaderString 3107 "ORDER_HEADER" 'SOP_HDR_WORK'.'SOP Number' 0 1)
FUNCTION_SCRIPT(rw_TableHeaderString 3107 "ORDER_HEADER" 'SOP_HDR_WORK'.'SOP Number' 0 2)

However, the fields on the report remain blank.

I also tried to add a calculated field that trims the SOP Number, and use that in the function instead of 'SOP_HDR_WORK'.'SOP Number' but no luck.

Printing just the 'SOP_HDR_WORK'.'SOP Number' field works, and it is the correct SOP number. I have made sure there is data in the Extender window for this particular order.

Does anybody have any suggestions that may help?

Jako Grobler

Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago

There are a couple of things that I can think of to check.
1.  Make sure that you are on build 80 of Extender as this is the only build it will work on. (Microsoft Dynamics GP – Tools – Extender – About Extender)
2.  In your calculation, there shouldn't be the single quotes around the SOP_HDR_WORK.SOP Number.  It should look like the following:

FUNCTION_SCRIPT(rw_TableHeaderString 3107 "ORDER_HEADER" SOP_HDR_WORK.SOP Number 0 1)

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