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GP2010 to GP2015 Upgrade…Where Did the Macros Go?

Renee asked 6 years ago
My client upgraded from GP2010 to GP2015.  They recently reported a macro that had in GP2010 no longer works in GP2015.
I looked in the Extender window between the two versions and sure enough, there was an option for macros in GP2010 but I do not see a similar option in GP2015.
Has this functionality been moved to a different location?  Can my client still use this functionality?  Or is this functionality no longer available?
They are on GP 14.00.0952 (R2) with Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender 14.00.0071.
Thoughts?  Thank you!
Renee replied 6 years ago

It has been a bit since I posted this question. Just checking if anyone knows the answer.

Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
Macros are now an Extender Enterprise only function. You can speak to the eOne Sales Team about getting the customer updated to the Enterprise version. Send an email and provide them with the customer name.
Renee answered 6 years ago
Thanks Lorren!  Yep, I am in touch with Sales.  Thanks again for the reply!

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