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GP to CRM integration (Pick List field)

Manny asked 6 years ago
I cannot get a field populated from GP to a CRM (picklist field).   I understand that CRM stores the data with at least two columns, the ID (index number) and the actual string value.   In SmartConnect, I went to “Additional Columns” and added a List Option Lookup.  However, when I run the integration it tells me the following:  
Failed to set column [column name] to a List Option lookup column:  Stoppped processing because no matching data was found.  
I have confirmed that the data coming GP should match the a list option (string) on CRM… not sure what the issue is.
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 6 years ago

The error you are receiving is thrown when the string isn’t exactly the same as it is in CRM. To troubleshoot this error I would send the GP column directly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – File then you can review the string directly. The capitalization needs to be exactly the same. Also, you will want to check for leading and trailing spaces. If you are still unable to find the cause, contact our support team:

Manny replied 6 years ago

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for the response. If I set the List Option Lookup to “return error if not match”, it will not create an XML file, it just errors like it did previously. The other two options are return blank if no match and return default if no match. If I configure it to return blank it does create an XML File, but the data in the XML file is blank for that particular field.

Manny replied 6 years ago

Ethan, I was able to get this working by trimming the source data. Thanks!

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