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GP SOP Tax Schedule ID

Jessie asked 3 years ago
We have an integration that creates SOP transactions.  We do not want the integration to calculate the sales tax on the order but rather assign the header and line item Tax Schedule ID based upon the customer setup in GP.  I have the header level setup in the integration so the header of the sales transaction is displaying the correct Tax Schedule but the line items are displaying a completely different Tax Schedule ID.  Examples:  header of the SOP displays WI-Sales but the line item displays NON TAXABLE. 
Does anyone have any insight as to how I setup the integration to assign header and line item Tax Schedule IDs based upon the customer card?
All information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Mark Anderson Staff answered 3 years ago
When you are mapping the “Add Line Item” find the “Item Taxable” in the destination columns on the right hand side. That field is a list option, select “Based on Customer” and this will set it up based on the customer card.
Jessie replied 3 years ago

Hello Mark ~ I hope all is well with you and yours! I have confirmed that the “Add Line Item” > “Item Taxable” field is set to “Based on Customer” but I am still seeing different Tax Schedule IDs between the header and line items. Are you aware of any other settings that could be causing this?

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