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GP Sales Order to CRM Order

Peter asked 9 years ago
I am trying to set up a map to sync GP 2013 Sales Orders to CRM 2011 Orders I have been successful in getting the Header of the order synchronized from GP to CRM but I am having problems get the line items per order to sync across.
We had the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics and found that we couldn’t get all the information from GP across to the CRM so we decided to change over to SmartConnect, which has certainly be a huge improvement, I have been very successful in getting nearly everything across that we want but I am stuck here (same issue for invoicing) so I was hoping that someone has been able to solve this previously.
Once I can get all the GP data syncing to CRM the plan then is to have the opposite where we can then use the CRM to convert opportunities to Quotes, Quotes to Orders, the push the orders to GP, invoice out of GP then push the invoices back to CRM   
dholmes replied 9 years ago

Can you describe the type of problems you are getting with the lines?  If you send the order header and lines through as a bulk map, do you get any errors in the SmartConnect Progress window or Event Viewer?

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