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GP Rolling Column with a new company database

Lucy Choplin asked 6 years ago
We’re using SmartConnect with GP 2015.  We have recently added a new GP company database.  We have been able to successful run several maps with a destination of the new database.  Now I’m trying to run a map that uses a GP Rolling Column to get the next RM Transaction document number.  I can run this same map in another company, but when we try to use it with the new company we are receiving this error:
Error in MsGpDestination
Line taRMTransaction__02CE4E86-EDC1-4614-87B3-A42200FA5DBC
Parameter Document Number
Parameter set value event
Could not get next number for Document number:  Could not retrieve the next number in the sequence.
Can you provide some guidance on this?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
Your issue is either:
1. The E1_SC_xxx procs do not exist in the new company
2. the user set up in the GP Connector doesn’t have permissions to the new company/procs in the new company.
I would suspect since you specifically said this was a new company, is that the procs do not exist.
To create them, make sure your GP Connector user has permissions to create stored proceures in the new company database (like ‘sa’ would)
then run Maintenance in SmartConnect and it should create them.
if you still get this issue, you’ll have to run a SQL trace to determine the issue. 
You should have 8 E1_SC_xxxx procs in each company db.
Lucy Choplin replied 6 years ago

Thank you for that information. Yes, running system maintenance to create the stored procedures corrected the error. Thank you again.

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