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GP Rolling Column – No company to select

Ben asked 5 years ago
We recently moved a production copy of a SmartConnect database to DEV then upgraded to SmartConnect 2017. One of the integrations has a GP rolling column for Receivables Management -> Sales Invoice which has worked fine for a couple of years. After the upgrade in DEV I can no longer select a company so it fails to get the next document number. I ran system maintenance which made no difference. I then re ran the registration process and was told the product registered successfully. I’m still not able to select a company for the GP rolling column. Any ideas what I could check next?
Mark Anderson Staff answered 5 years ago
In SmartConnect Setup->Setup  for the GP Connector, are you using “Use Credentials”?  If not, does the user you are logged into SmartConnect have access to the Dynamics DB Name database? Access to read the SY01500 table? Verify that GP Connector is setup to the DEV server and the Dynamics DB name are accurate. 
Ben replied 5 years ago

We found out the problem was due to a big in SC 2017. We had marked “Use for Global variable” on the GP rolling column an that feature does not currently work in SC 2017.

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