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GP Rolling Column

puisan asked 9 years ago
Hi, How can i control the GP Rolling Column number will not jump to next number if the document is failed to integrate? Thank you.
Lorren replied 9 years ago


The only way would be to use a Calculated Field script to generate the next number and then roll it back if that document fails using a Script Task.

The SQL procedure to call for the Next GP number in the company database is E1_SC_GetNextNumber in your Calculated Field Script.


puisan replied 9 years ago

Hi Lorren, Can you please share with an example of how to create the calculated field script with the store procedure and can be roll back if fail? I'm sorry as i am new in scripting. Thank you.

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
There isn't a quick example we can post on the forum as the script would change depending what module you are grabbing the next number from.

It increments by default as we are just calling the GP procedures through our procedure listed above, and those procs increment it the moment the GP process grabs it – whether the record succeeds or not.

The script or sql task would need to be placed on the document failure section of the map and would need to update the correct table that stores the next number. The easiest way to find that table would be to trace the process when you grab the next number using the inteface, or look it up through the resource descriptions in GP.

Once you know the tbale, you would be able to do a sql task or scipt to update that table with it scurrent value minus one. We have some sample scripts on our knowledge base that show examples of scripts (, or you could write it directly in a sql command (which we don't have an example of).

Our services team can also help write this with you as a small project if needed as well.


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