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GP RealTime Map stops running for GP client user

Scott Hardman asked 6 years ago
 I have issue with running maps connected to a GP real time data source when triggered from a GP client. For example a GP user will enter a Sales order and we have a map configured to create an xml file output. When this process is triggered from the server ie: running GP 2015 on the eOne SmartConnect server itself and saving a new sales order, the map runs a success and a new xml file is produced.  On the other hand, if the GP client is run on a users workstation and a new sales order is saved, the map might have success for a maximum of up to three transactions, after 3 sucessful attempts the map will not run. It does not error, there is no mention of a record being processed at all. Once we are at this point, getting the map to run again is not without a difficult process even on the server. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern we have found, it is intermittent.  Of course the record is created in GP but the realtime datasource fails to process after this point.

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