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GP Real-Time Registration

PRoy asked 10 years ago
I created a real-time data source and it gave me a message that the trigger would be processed at next log on.  I really wasn’t sure which product log on it was talking about so I tried to cover all the bases.  I have since logged everyone out of GP, logged back into Smart Connect, and then logged into GP.  Then I made a change to an account which should have triggered the update trigger.  It did not.  I don’t see any triggers on the table it is supposed to be watching for changes GL00100.  What am I doing wrong?
jrodencal replied 10 years ago

I am having the same issue, did this ever get resolved.



Ken.Hepworth replied 10 years ago

Hi PRoy and Joel,

Here is a link to a new kb article that is designed to assist in assessing why a GP or Exetneder real-time map may not be executing correctly. It takes you through several different steps to narrow down the problem. I hope this helps.


Best Answer
jrodencal answered 10 years ago

Thanks for the reply, really appreciate the article also David Youngquist replied to a support email I sent in as well and provided some nice insite as well.

My issue ended up being that for the GP client that I was testing on it didn't have the Smartconnect GP chunk file installed on it, so Smartconnect wasn't in the dynamics.set file.

I think that, that would be another good bullet point on the article you just provided to make sure that Smartconnect has been installed on the GP instance that you are testing on.

Thank again for the info appreciate the article.


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