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GP Real Time data source – no triggers registered

Eugene asked 6 years ago
I have created Dynamics GP real time data source but when I try to register it with the map, I get the message – 
The trigger will be registered the next time you log into Great Plains. If you are already logged into Great Plains, please log out and back in again.
I do log out and log in, and then check in SQL Server company database if eOne* triggers have been created on the table (I used Item Master table for my data source) and I don’t see them.
Do you have any thoughts of why this might be happening, since without triggers nothing would work.
Thank you!
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
Dynamics GP Real-Time Triggers do not create SQL triggers but are internal Dexterity triggers within Dynamics GP. The users will never see the triggers for Dynamics GP Real-Time.
Eugene replied 6 years ago

hi Lorren,

Thank you!
I am just wondering if you guys have any kind of “cookbook” for SmartConnect – specifically with Dynamics GP data source examples. I have read the manual but without specifics it is somewhat difficult to translate particular requirements into SmartConnect capabilities or their combination. Please see my other question regarding Kits.

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