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GP Price List to CRM

JosephMarkovich asked 9 years ago
I am having a very difficult time understanding how to use SmartConnect to get our price lists from GP to CRM.  Running the map that was included with SmartConnect gets the first price list item into CRM, but not the other ones (example: 1-999 price is loaded into CRM, but 1000-9999, 10000-99999, 100000+ are not visible anywhere).  How can I get the tiered price levels into CRM properly?
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
Unfortunately CRM does not handle quantity breaks in their price lists like the way GP does. So what ends up happening is you only get one of the prices rather than all of them.

That is a limitation of CRM, unless they have changed it in an update very recently, but hte last time I worked with it you couldn't get that setup through the CRM interface either.

JosephMarkovich replied 9 years ago

So I've been playing around with this some more — is there something that CRM and SmartConnect can do with the Discount Lists?

Chris replied 9 years ago

If the discount lists are an entity in CRM then we would be able to map to it. That being said, I haven't looked at them at all in CRM so I'm not sure what relation they would have to the GP price list breaks. If anyone else has used them they can chime in on it.


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