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GP posting slow with Extender

kjjson asked 10 years ago
We have a client that has been using the standard Extender for years, and uses it pretty heavily.  On the sales transaction entry screen, there is an extender window available that has 15 fields that populate the ext00101 and ext00103 tables.  As such, these tables have almost 2,000,000 rows of data each and posting a single "return" takes about 5 minutes to process.  In a "copy" of the company, I truncated the information out of these tables and did the same return and it processed in seconds.  Have you even seen anything like this and a way to index these tables or do anything to speed this up?  A lot of the records have been left blank over the years, could any "blank fields" be deleted without causing issues?  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks
Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago

I have seen large amounts of Extender data cause performance hits before.  There are a few different options that I have come up with.

1.  Create a historical company and move the history to that company. 
2.  You can try removing the blank records and see what happens.  This would need to be tested in each environment as it depends on what your window setup is as to how it is going to react to the data not being in the table.
3.  Sometimes the window can be changed so that the data is stored differently such as only using strings when they are truly needed, making the sure the keys are necessary, etc.  The only thing with this is that depending on the change, the data needs to be taken into account and may need to be exported and imported to be able to keep it.
4.  Extender in GP 2013 changes the way the table structure is done, so it should be faster in 2013, so updating would be an option if you aren't on 2013.

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