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GP Nodes Disappeared

lukeashp asked 9 years ago

We have existing installation and working integrations, but just 2 days ago they stopped working.  On further investigation, the GP nodes are missing and not available for selection.  When I go to Node Maintenance, the Node Groups are there for the standard ones like Payables, but the Node Types are all grayed out and have no nodes.  Clearly something fundamental has changed.  Any ideas where I should look next?

Thanks for your help!

lukeashp replied 9 years ago

More info.  

It seemed to be an issue with the sql login used for the GP connector.  When I tried to connect to the DB using that account and the password I believe to be correct, I could not connect.  I then reset the password on the account and can not connect, but not I can't even log into Smartconnect and do not know how to reconfigure the credentials it is using.  


cathyashp replied 9 years ago

Today we can't log in to smartconnect, although we have reset the sql password for the eOne service and for the service login, logged in to windows successfully with the service's AD account.

Best Answer
Chris Dew answered 9 years ago
It appears that you have introduced some password changes along the way. In order to get back into SmartConnect you will need to run the utility to change the SmartConnect password on each machine that is accessing. The program is usually installed to the following folder:

c:Programs Files (x86)eOne SolutionsSmartConnecteOne.SmartConnect.Config.exe

After you are able to login to SmartConnect you will want to confirm that the user configured in the Dynamics GP Connector is part of the DYNGRP and has access to the DYNAMICS and COMPANY databases.

Now, confirm in the Security Setup that the user logging into SmartConnect has access to the Dynamics GP adapter and ensure that the underlying eConnect nodes haven't been denied access. If you still don't see the eConnect nodes then you will need to run System Maintenance again to ensure everything is configured correctly. Now you should have access to all eConnect Nodes.


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