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GP landed Cost

puisan asked 10 years ago
Hi, May i know is there anybody can share the knowledge of how to import the landed cost? I manage to add the node however, it was never run successful. It throw the error of duplicate document number even though there is no such duplication at all.  Thank you.
Best Answer
Chris answered 10 years ago
This request might be better handled if you contact our support team directly ( so we can either stream in with you or get a copy of your map to look at. We will probably need a bit more detail than what was given so far, as we'll have to see which nodes you have mapped, the fileds in each, and then run through it with you to check the output.

Normally a duplicate document number error occurs when a node needs to have the update existing option marked if it is being added to a record, or the key fields/grouping may be wrong if all this data should be going in on a new record.


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