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GP Excel Template – Can't import GP_GL_JOURNAL map. Exported from newer version.

Ryan asked 4 years ago
Appears there is a new “GP Excel Template”.  I have just downloaded it and when I tried to import the GP_GL_JOURNAL.sce, I receive an error that “The map GP_GL_JOURNAL” will not be imported as it is exported from a newer version of Smart Connect.
The template indicates support for SmartConnect 2018+.  If this is the case, but the map is exported only from the most current build of SmartConnect, does this mean that users must upgrade to the latest version just to use it?  Why not export the map from the least supported version (2018+) so that all builds can use it?  Alternative, indicate in the template that a specific build is required.
Currently on build and the current build available at the time of this post is
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago


The templates will only work on The labeling on the download is vague, and I will relay your feedback to the website team.

For your particular scenario you will need to upgrade SmartConnect, which is a simple upgrade process because you are only one build away from the required version.

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