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GP Customer to CRM Account asked 8 years ago
I tried using the base template but there are lots of issues with Currency and Prclevel because we do not assign to all customers.
So I built a very basic map to take the GP Customer data and mapped to the CRM Account.
When I run the map it successfully pulls the 45000+ Customer records and then shows processing progress; however it does nothing!  No Successes; No Errors.
Check the CRM side and confirmed no accounts created.
I've stripped it down to jsut CUSTNAME, CUSTNMBR and Basic address fields and still get nothing.
Validations all run clean, no errors.
I turned on logging and it shows how many records were processed and that 0 success and 0 errors.
I tried turning on debug features and it fails with out of memory exception.

Please tell me how to troubleshoot this issue.

lorren replied 8 years ago

What version of SmartConnect?
What version of CRM?

If you change the Datasource to CRM – File does it create an XML file with the data you are trying to import into CRM? replied 8 years ago

Thank you for replying to my post.  This issue is driving me crazy and I am on a short deadline for the project.

Smart Connect Version is

Dynamics CRM Version 2013 SP1

When I changed target data source to CRM – File it indeed cranks out file after file with my data.  Looking at the result in the files it all looks fine.


Best Answer answered 8 years ago
Turns out it was the data source type selected.  I had somehow set the datasource target to Dynamics CRM Bulk.  I changed it to Dynamics CRM and botta bing!  It works!

I hope my upcoming training session will shed some light on the differences in the data source types.

Thanks for your help!

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