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GP Customer – "The Customer Number is already part of a Parent/National Account"

Ryan asked 2 years ago
Thank you in advance for your advice & time!
I have a map that works great to import customers into Dynamics GP.  But only the first time.  Subsequent runs will fail for all child customers with a SQL procedure error:
Error Number = 7876 Stored Procedure = taParentIDChild Error Description = The Customer Number is already part of a Parent/National Account
Node Identifier Parameters: taParentIDChild

Based on what I can tell, it is the “Create child customer” node that is mapped that is failing on subsequent attempts.
I have tried both checked & un-checked “Update existing” options and am now trying to determine if it is possible to make use of the Restrictions to perform a DB lookup to see if the customer exists or not yet.  I would really like to avoid having to create & run two maps, one for “new” and the other for “updates”.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
The “update existing” checkbox is just a shortcut to the actual GP eConnect parameter that are on most of the eConnect procs.
So if we look at the Create Customer node, there is one and marking the checkbox should flip it from FALSE to TRUE.
In this case, the taParentIDChild node doesn’t actually have that and consequently doesn’t take kindly to trying to re-parent the child – even if it is to the same parent.
So your best suggestion is what you said, create a Restriction in the map to filter out the ones that already have been parented.
Best way would be to make a sql connection in the REstriciton script and query the RM00101 to see if the parent/vendor is already assisgned.
So if you find the record, then return false because you want SC to SKIP this record since already assigned.
If you do not, then must not be linked and so return true so that it gets processed.

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