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GP Create Customer Address Failures

John Ross asked 10 years ago
I'm getting an eConnect error message that the Customer number does not exist when creating a GP address code.

I have two maps one create customer and one create addresses,  When records are imported into CRM  a customer record and two addresses are created, 1) bill-to , 1) Ship to.

Smart connect is creating the GP customer , and 1 GP address , the Bill-to address, but the ship to address fails saying that the customer does not exist.

Is there a way to control the order that the services are called, it seems to be calling the create message for the ship to before the create customer?

Error message.
Error Number = 118  Stored Procedure= taCreateCustomerAddress  Error Description = Customer Number (CUSTNMBR) does not exist in the Customer Master Table – RM00101
Node Identifier Parameters: taCreateCustomerAddress
  <ADDRESS1>1003 E. Colorado Blvd.</ADDRESS1>
  <PHNUMBR2>626 229 0719</PHNUMBR2>

martin replied 10 years ago

A few questions ot help me understand your process. 

What is the trigger point to execute the maps back into GP?  Is it a real time map from CRM to GP, change tracking or a scheduled bulk integration etc?  Do you have one single map that runs both address and customer? Are you using linked maps or two completely independant maps?


John replied 10 years ago

This is a real time map. I have a single map . 'Receivables' , Linked maps or two completely independent? Its a single map with the both customers and addresses aviailable . I think its called Receivables. There are like 4 different mapping definition opptions, Customer / Address/ parent customer / web address.

I have it working to create a GP customer , with the billTo address code. My problem is how to use this same map for also assigning the shipto code to the GP customer and create the ship to address in GP.

Do I need a new separate map?

Thanks in advance

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