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GP Connect Setup problem

Terry Dickens asked 7 years ago
I’m evaluating SmartConnect.  I’m trying to set up the GP Connector.  One of the other Forum posts said to first run the System Maintenance in the SmartConnect interface.  I am getting this error: 
Error: Microsoft Dynamics Gp- An error occurred while Re-Registering ‘Real Time Event’ ‘Update’ for ‘Connector ‘SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector”: Invalid object name ‘SC9400’.
The forum post also said to Create the GP Resource Cache in GP.  I get this error:
[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Invalid object name ‘DYNAMICS.dbo.SC9000’.
Any ideas on what to try?  I think SmartConnect is going to be exactly what we need.  I just need to be able to get it working so I can prove it.
Brady Swenson answered 7 years ago
The errors mean the Dynamics GP table Cache has not been created yet.  You will need to log into Dynamics GP (make sure to log in as sa) and go to Tools->Smart connect->GP Resource Cache.  Click the Process button to reload the table cache information.
The SC9000 and SC9400 tables should exist in your DYNAMICS database after completing this process.
Janeece Moreland replied 6 years ago

What if there is not a menu item under tools for smartconnect. What is not loaded?

Mick answered 6 years ago
You need to run the Smartconnect GP Addin if using Smartconnect 2016, which is a separate file when the Installer was extracted.

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