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GP Change Data Source

kjjson asked 10 years ago
I am looking at doing an import into payroll transactions based on payables invoice records that are entered into GP. I love the idea of the changes only option and using the table that is created of the records (SC_PM20000_Track).  Is there anyway to restrict what records are added to the SC_PM20000_Track table, or would I just need to do that on my own? (i.e. I only want it to come in for invoices for a specific vendor class).

Best Answer
kenhepworth answered 10 years ago
hi Kevin,

It is not possible to restrict the records that get included in the tracking table, but the records can be restricted from being processed by the map. If you specify the Vendor Class in the criteria for the query of the data source, while the changes may be recorded in the tracking table, they will not be processed when the map is run.

I hope this helps and just let us know if you need any further information


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