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GP Change Data Source Unhandled Exception

Jake asked 6 years ago
 Smart Connect
.NET Framework 4.6.2
When I try to use a GP change data source, I get a .NET unhandled exception from Syntax error: Missing operand after “s” operator.
If I click quit, the eOne.SmartConnect.UI.External stops working.
If I click continue, a) the window is messed up, ie. table and database selection are not visible (I fix this by changing to a different connection that defaults to a larger frame then switching back)
b) after I select GP as the product, I get another .NET unhandled exception from Index was outside the bounds of the array.
If I click quit, same as above.
If I click continue, I select the table then start getting error messages that the connection cannot be validated because all fields are not entered for the datasource.
Restrict Columns gives me another .NET exception from Incorrect syntax near the keyword “select”.
How do I fix this?
Walt Herman replied 5 years ago

I get this same message but the import still runs. I noticed a KB from microsoft about data source field names possessing strings identical to an existing schema name. Anyway, I can’t resolve the problem and would love to get eOne’s thoughts on this. As I said, the integration runs but end users freak out over the message…

KJ Krueger replied 3 years ago

I had this issue, and then realized there was a real-time data source that had been started against that same table that was causing a conflict. Once I removed that source (it wasn’t actually being used anywhere) there were no longer errors.

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