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GP 2018 Web Client not showing menus on extender

Tat asked 4 years ago
We have installed GP 2018 Web client and our web server and it works great.   However,  we have custom Extender menus.  The menus are not showing up any where on the client; that i can find.   As for the other extender windows and forms that are attached to GP windows works correctly.   
Any assistance you can give on why menus are not showing.
We are running extender 2018 enterprise 18.00.0017. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
The Extender Menus don’t show in the web client due to the way the GP Web Client Organizes the menus.
In Extender, you can add a menu to the Transaction, Cards, Inquiry etc top level menus.
And if the user presses the Transaction menu item (if enabled) on the GP Desktop client, we can then see that custom Extender menu we created.
But if we turn off the menus in GP desktop and just use the Navigation Pages (Sales, Financial, etc) we can’t get to our Extender menu.
As the GP Web Client doesn’t use “menus” either and instead ONLY area pages, our Extender menus are invisible since there isn’t the “Transactions” menu to click on anymore.
So in either case, our Extender Menu isn’t accessible.
The only workaround that I can think of under the web client would be to use the Home page quick links.
On the quick links, one of the options we can add is “Extender” and here we can access the menu that we created in Extender.  Now it would appear on the Quick Links on the Home Page in either the desktop client or web client to open your Extender Form.

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