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GP 2015 -PA Billing Work Trx Smartlist drilldown showing no records

Sandy Broschinsky asked 7 years ago
When we drill down from the PA Billing Work Trx Smartlist the Billing Inquiry Zoom only shows the document number with no other details.  All fields are blank.If I go into PA>Inquiry>Billing – Detail Inquiry and select the document I can see the data.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
You didn’t say explicitly that this was a “modified by SLB PA report” but I’m assuming so as this worked fine with out of the box PA SmartList but not with the “modified” version form SLB.
It looks like I see two problems when I tested this on my latest SLB 2015.
The PA Billing Work Trx should actually go to the Billing Entry window (not the inquiry zoom window)- that is what the out of the box window does.
I also tested the PA Billing Open Trx report and that one tries to open the Billing Entry window (not the inquiry zoom like it should).
So currently the built-in goto’s are switched incorrectly.
Fortunately, we can fix that fairly easily.
update SLB10400 set SmartList_Number = 23 where SmartList_ID = ‘.8454162’ and SmartList_Number = 18
run the above statement in the DYNAMICS db and it should update the one record that controls which goto is executed.
So I’m telling it to use the “Billing Inquiry Zoom” which is what you’ll see when you pull up the goto on the smartlist.  But it actually will end up going to the Billing Entry where we want it to and that will work (it did for me).
So I switched the PA Billing Open Trx one as well.  It now opened the Billing Inquiry Zoom window like it should but didn’t populate the window.  And this looks like a different problem then in that we’re not calling the window right.  So we won’t be able to work around that issue.
I’ll get these written up as bugs in SLB and they should be corrected in a future version.

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