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GP 2013 sales order to CRM order no auto fullfill

xdude101 asked 2 years ago
Ice successfully create a Smartconnet map that imports into CRM 2011 orders from GP 2013 sales orders, everything works fine, the only issue is that when the order gets created in CRM it is auto fulfilled thus discounting inventory and serial number from our warehouse, this is not what we need!
After cheeking the map, i can’t find anything wrong, when the order is created in CRM the statecode = 0  (Active) and statuscode =1 (New), so everything seems ok, also I’ve checked the auto fulfill in GP and is disabled.
Can you please help me or point me in the right direction so orders in crm are not auto fulfilled, so far I’m stuck.
Best regards
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 2 years ago
I have not seen CRM auto-fulfill orders when imported. Most likely there is a customization in CRM that is causing this to happen. Check with the CRM Administrator for any Workflows on the Sales Order Entity. It sounds like something is causing it to fulfill. Another way you can troubleshoot is try to manually enter the transaction with all the GP data and you should be able to see it auto-fulfill.

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