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Goto account summary

Greg asked 10 years ago
I know there has to be a secret to this.  If I want to goto the GL Detail Inquiry, I need to set the Account number field.  I've tried using a calculated field where I replace(actnumstr, '-', '')  But that still doesn't work. 

Jared replied 10 years ago

You will need to set the Account Number and the Year fields for the Detail Inquiry window.  The account number field shouldn't need any calculations at all.  In the goto setup for the account number set the task to "Set a field value and run the field script" and set the Field and Value both to Account Number.  For the year you will need a calculated field that is a string and uses the Year field from your table and then have that as another task  with a Task Type of "Set the value of a field" and then Current Year CMB as the Field and your calculated field as the Value.

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