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Go To for Budget SLB

Jim asked 7 years ago
I created a pretty basic Smartlist for budgets base on the Budget Master, Budget Summary Master, and the Account Index Master.  All that works fine.  I am attempting to create a Go To that will open the Single-Account Budget Maintenance window.  I created 2 tasks, one to populate the Account Number, and second, to populate the Budget ID.  For the Account Number, I created a task to Set a field value and run the field script with Field being Account Number from the Account Index Master, and the value being Account Number String.  When I run the Smartlist and double-click on one of the accounts, the account number is incorrect.  It pulls up the same account number every time, regardless of which transaction I select.
Any suggestions?
Jared Dux Staff answered 7 years ago
In your goto setup use the Account Number from the Budget Summary Master table rather than the Account Number String from the Account Index Master.  Make sure your task type for Budget ID is also Set a field value and run the field script.
Jim replied 7 years ago

Hi Jared,

Odd, I do not see the Account Number field in the drop down for the Budget Summary Master. I do see the Account Index and the various Account Segments, Budget ID, Period ID, etc.

Jim replied 7 years ago

Hi Jared,

Have you had an opportunity to look into the Account Number field not displaying in the Budget Summary Master? Is there another field that can be used?

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