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'GlobalLastError' returns nothing when a document fails from RunSQLCommand Task

Yassin asked 5 years ago
I have the following on a GP Integration where I am trying to capture the error been thrown by eConnect but the GlobalLastError seem to return a null when I try to get retrieve the GlobalLastError from Script Task seem to be working here is my SQLCommand task.
Here is my Sql Command Task. Any ideas what am I missing?
Declare @BatchId varchar(21)
Declare @AssignedId varchar(21)
Declare @Message varchar(max)
SELECT  @BatchId  =   ‘_BATCH_ID ‘
SELECT  @AssignedId  =  ‘_ASSIGNED_ID ‘ 
select @BatchId = ltrim(rtrim(@BatchId))
select @AssignedId = ltrim(rtrim(@AssignedId))
select @Message = ‘GlobalLastError’
exec  DPAssignment_UpdateMessage @BatchId, @AssignedId, @Message, NULL
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
On SmartConnect 2017 and later you will need to first reference the standard global variables before using them. I recommend creating a script task to run right before this task that referneces the ‘GlobalLastError’ variable.
return true
Tom Partridge replied 4 years ago

Ethan, thanks for posting this solution, but … uhhh … why did this “feature” get added?

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