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GlobalFilePath to move files from to another folder Task

Brenda asked 4 years ago
I have 2 Tasks that runs before my map, First one is to copy / rename the original file into the Source Folder to be run with the Map (working correctly).  The second is to move this original file to a backup folder.  This is the problem, the file names are always different so I tried to use the Global File Path but that does not seem to do what I want.  I am not sure how to move a file without adding the full file name, since it will always be different.  I need to do this with a task as I have several different Maps  linked together.  Any suggestions?
Lorren Zemke answered 4 years ago
You should be able to use the VB.NET script from this article,
This will allow you to specify the new path and file name regardless of what the original filename is.

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