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Global Variable Initialization

Todd Dickerson asked 4 years ago
Recently upgrading from SC 2014 to 2018, we encountered many issues with the global variables.  Support team was very helpful in providing an explanation and workaround.  Specifically, that you must add script task, and “use” the global variable in the script so that it can then be used in other tasks.
Using the global variables such as GlobalRunErrors in a failure email or a SQL task, should not require the user to explicitly add an additional map task just to initialize the variables for later use.  
If you don’t add this task with the variable, the email/sql tasks will not display the errors. 
Please consider fixing this in an update.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
Thank you for submitting this request for SmartConnect. We currently have it listed as a Bug to be fixed in a future release of SmartConnect. I will add your contact details to the bug so you can be notified when it is resolved.
Cynthia Moreland replied 4 years ago

Global variables not showing at all on SC 2018
When I go to the global variables page within the map they are blank

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