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GL transactions

Christine asked 8 years ago
Running a map for GL transactions and receive the following error: Procedure or function ‘taGLTransactionHeaderInsert’ expects parameter ‘@I_vBACHNUMB, which was not supplied The batch id is in the source document
Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago

Then that is interesting.  I guess I'd start by double checking that on the 'create journal' node, that you have the column mapped to the 'batch number' column.

But that too is interesting – the Batch Number is required so i don't see that you _couldn't_ have mapped it.

The only thing i can maybe think of is that you had your data mapped and then changed the source data to rename the column so SC cannot match up the column.  I guess I'd expect it to give an error but perhaps not until you try to open the destination.

If that all seems good, then i think you'd need to open a support case so we can get the map/data or screen share.


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