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GL Transaction with missing GL Account Distribution

ken asked 2 years ago
we have a very large GL Transaction import.  sometimes new GL accounts are added in the source.  currently SmartConnect adds the GL Account in the destination.  we want to turn this feature OFF and actually see an error that the account does not exist.  i know this is an easy switch but i can’t find it in the map.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
currently SmartConnect adds the GL Account in the destination.”

No it doesn’t.  At least out of the box it doesn’t and the GL Transaction node doesn’t have an “Add/update Accounts” in it unless you added it.

The standard behavior of a GL Integration is to fail on the first failed account and abort the integration.
So if you are finding that “accounts are being created if they don’t exist”, then you’d have to look at your process to see if you are running a different map that is creating the accounts (perhaps a map pre script is kicking off just such an integration) or you added a node in this GL Trx map that would do it (because you could if you wanted to with SC)

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