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GL Transaction Integration

Shraddha asked 6 years ago
We are using a .csv file to run the GL Integration with the amount format as 
000249833,0000000000001,20170401,101-200-1011,000074993,Lse #2024410,000000697.84,2024410,LoanBkAdj
000249833,0000000000002,20170401,101-200-1000,000074993,Lse #2024410,000000697.84-,2024410,LoanBkAdj
We are able to have the amount converted to debit using the below script but the credit script doesn’t seem to work. Can you please suggest what can be done?
if not  fn.RIGHT(_F7,1) = “-“ then
return fn.VALUE(_F7)
else return 0
end if
if fn.RIGHT(_F7,1) = “-“ then
return fn.VALUE(fn.REPLACE(_F7,“-“,“”))
else return 0
end if
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 6 years ago
We have a help article that provides .NET scripts to make these conversions.
How to separate Debits and Credit when the source file has only 1 column

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