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GL Journal Transactions

UrLeanne asked 9 years ago

I have created a Mapping for importing YTD GL Account Balances as part of a new company.  A single JE with about 220 lines
I have mapped:
Create Journal Entry
Add Distribution

Key Fields:  Journal Number
                      Debit, Credit

I have selected Group by on Journal Entry in Create Journal Entry
I am using a .csv file. 

When I run the Map I receive Error Code 944 SP taGLTransactionHeader Insert Error
The credits do not equal the debits.  This entry is in balance.  What other setup should I be considering.
Best Answer answered 9 years ago
Are you using an eOne generic template?   If so, try autosizing the debit and credit columns on your worksheet to make sure they are large enough to show the complete values.  I had this same problem.  The template was taking the values as formatted directly from the screen instead of from the cells themselves.  If the debit, credit column values are truncated due to column width, your entry will not balance. 
UrLeanne answered 9 years ago
Thank you Casey

I ended up finding a solution in your Knowledge Base that suggested using 2 maps:
Creating a new node for just the GL Line Distributions and another for just the Header.

Next I created a Task to RUN MAP: Distribution 1st then Header.
Both Maps ran successfully the first time with no issue.


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