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GL JE Upload using Excel Push

MLR asked 10 years ago
I've run into an issue on several occasions where a JE has too many rows to be uploaded without getting an error indicating the JE is out of balance.  I've gone into the Macro VBA code and increased the number of rows on the Journal Entry worksheet and thought I was adding the extra lines correctly but I guess I haven't quite nailed down all the precise steps necessary to add the rows.  Are there step by step instructions on how to do this or can someone provide those instructions in response to this thread?

Thank you,
Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
If you use the newest GL template off of our site then you can just change one field on the config to modify the amount of rows and our code will handle all the rest of the work.

If you are using an older template where it has to be done manually our services team could assist with that. If you contact he would be able to get something set up with you.

On older version you had to change the code and functions in multiple places which would be too long to list here, but if you have experience with excel and vba you should be able to track them all down.


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