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GL Import from Excel Missing header on the first record

PROY asked 9 years ago
I  have a problem where the first transaction is missing the header record when trying to import from an excel document.  The other three transactions are fine.  I believe I have the key set correctly.  The key is the reference and it creates a transaction for each reference type.

I was able to identify the problem by running the map to a file and reading the xml.  My excel data source is through ODBC Excel 2010.

The structure of the spreadsheet is:
CAMM Account GPAccoun Debits Credits Transaction Date Reference

How do I get the header record to populate?
Best Answer
PROY answered 9 years ago
It appears it doesn't like me using 'AP' for a reference.  It must be a reserved word in Smart connect.  Not the first time I've come accross a problem with a reserved word.

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