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GL Entry Import Template Fields

Paul Moore asked 6 years ago
The GL Journal Entry Template on eOne’s website requires the ACTINDX field.
All of the input screens in GP that I’ve ever used involve the ACTNUMBR field. Prior to using SmartConnect, I had never heard of or seen the ACTINDX field (I’m a bean-counter, not a code-jockey).
Question: if I know the ACTNUMBR for an account, where can I look up the corresponding ACTINDX?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
I’m not sure which “GL Journal Entry Template” requires an account index field.  I was just looking at the GL Journal Excel Template and the Integration Map and neither use an “account index”.
But assuming yours does, the account index is a hidden field that GP mostly uses in the system.  The account index is unique per account number – you can see the account index in the GL00100 and the GL00105 table is the one that eConnect uses. 
So typically eConnect takes the Account Number (like 000-1101-00) instead of the account index (2) – but often it can take both (the gl journal entry will take either).
So if you have account number and the map takes it, use that and map appropriately.  if you have account and the map takes the account index, you can use a GP Lookup to get that fro the GL00105 table.
Paul replied 6 years ago

The template that I got from is at:
and it requires that the user utilize the ACTINDX field

There is also a second upload template at
It utilizes the ACTNUMBR field, but it requires the SmartConnect web service to be set up and running in the environment, and we haven’t decided to make that investment yet.

I ran a SmartList of gl accounts, added a field for Account Index, and was able to translate my Account Numbers into Account Indices, and my upload was accepted.

Thanks for your help.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

Ah, didn’t recall that the old sample used the account index vs account number. So you could make a translation as you did. Or more easily, just map your Account Number field to the Account Number field on the mapping and remove the mapping to the Account Index.

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