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Getting the Excel Template for Journal Entry imports to work asked 9 years ago
I attempted using the new excel template for importing journal entries into GP today after getting feedback from clients that they couldn't get it to work.  I never had any luck with getting the old ones to work so I decided not to stop until I got this one working.  After I got the steps completed in the instructions I kept running into the 'Subscript out of range' error every time I hit the submit button.  After trying many troubleshooting techniques and not getting any further I found that it was actually succeeding to import my JE every time, but not reporting a success back to me.  I found that there was one line of vba code in the Submit_Click procedure that is referring to the "TransEntry" sheet which looks like it comes from the purchase order import template.  That had to be changed to refer to the "Journal Entry" sheet that exists in this template and then everything seemed to work perfectly.  Please fix the template in your download.  Thanks for a good example of how to make a pretty template and how to get away with not installing the addin and how to use one template for multiple companies.  Now I just have to figure out how to customize it to have more fields :).
Chris Dew replied 9 years ago


We did miss making the changes to the Journal Entry template archiving feature but had already fixed this last week. Is it possible you had downloaded the files the previous week?


Heather replied 7 years ago

Hi Chris,

I have downloaded these templates today and I am getting the script out of range message, could you please point me in the direction of the corrected templates?



Patty Stepp replied 7 years ago

I am getting the same error. urgh…. this is an old error still not fixed???

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